Mercedes-Benz Collision Center in Monroe, NC

Exclusive Mercedes-Benz Factory Collision Repair Center for Mercedes-Benz of South Charlotte

Caldwell Collision became a Mercedes-Benz Certified Collision Center in 2000. Our goal from the very beginning was to provide customers with the “Best or Nothing” experience in every aspect of the collision repair & auto body repair process which is why we accepted every opportunity to widen our customer base anytime a new level of certification was offered.


We were one of the first CL-Structural Certified, SLS AMG, and ELITE Certified shops in the US. The ELITE Certification is most important because it signifies our facility has undergone additional extensive training and certification processes above the general MB Certification.


Being ELITE allows us to repair every Mercedes-Benz/AMG vehicle, specifically those with structural damage to aluminum frame components. These auto body repairs are extremely complicated and require very unique tools, training, and even a separate room to avoid cross-contamination of materials.


Mercedes-Benz only sells parts to repair these new vehicles to ELITE Certified shops as we are the only shops with the specific knowledge to ensure the auto body repairs are completed exactly how Mercedes-Benz dictates.


This all relates back to our goal when we opened to provide every Mercedes-Benz customer with the “Best or Nothing” mentality, by becoming one of the few ELITE shops in the US now we do not have to turn away any customer and are proud to be the only ELITE shop to service NC, SC, and parts of Va., Ga, and Tenn.


When it comes to finding a Mercedes-Benz collision center, Caldwell Collision should be your go-to choice.

Caldwell Collision was established in 2000, our goal from the beginning was to provide every customer with the highest level of collision repair combined with concierge style customer service in order to create a lasting personal relationship within a business setting.


Caldwell Collision became Mercedes-Benz Certified later that year and has been at the forefront of the Mercedes-Benz Certified Collision Program ever since.


We have been a part of every advanced level of certification offered through Mercedes-Benz since the inception of the Certified Collision Program and are currently one of a select group of ELITE Certified facilities. The ELITE Certification designates that Caldwell Collision has passed extensive training and testing, has the specialized tools and equipment, and the experience to repair all levels of damage from minor to heavy structural on every model Mercedes-Benz currently in production including the highly specialized SLS AMG, AMG GTs, and Maybach.


More specifically the ELITE Certification signifies that we are capable of repairing the latest models that utilize aluminum in the structure/frame of the vehicle.


In order to safeguard customers from improper repairs on the latest models Mercedes-Benz now restricts part sales to only those shops with the ELITE Certification.


Caldwell Collision is proud to be the only ELITE Certified facility in all of North Carolina and South Carolina, we also service parts of Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee. More importantly, our ELITE Certification allows us to bring our specialized level of customer service and passion for repairing vehicles per Mercedes-Benz guidelines to every customer across the Mercedes-Benz model range.